Video Saturday – The Rendevous Club

We start with what I consider to be the finest ever rendition of Roy Orbison’s “Its Over”, a quite remarkable rendering by sometime famous actor Michael Caine made all the more poignant to myself and some select others by the fact that this is recorded at the world famous, well, famous in North Yorkshire, well Scarborough at least, or maybe just Cayton Village, it was definitely famous in Cayton Village, definitely, the village famous Rendezvous Club at Wallis’s Holiday Camp, Cayton Bay.

The Golden Globe winning film “Little Voice” was filmed in Scarborough and at Wallis’s Cayton Bay when it was no longer Wallis’s Cayton Bay but instead was a Haven Holiday Resort and in their wisdom the new owners had closed said Rendezvous Club bringing despair to millions who had crossed its threshold clutching a weekly membership card in search of entertainment, not to mention those tens of thousands of small children who had been forced to spend most of their holidays standing outside its closed doors all afternoon saving a place in the queue for their parents who would then join them early evening – so important to get a good seat you know.

But although we’ve been here before I still feel vindicated in asking what has become known in our family as “He’s asking that bloody Cayton Bay question again” but as none have yet given a satisfactory explanation I shall persevere – please consider the next two photographs in evidence…

What we have here, we’ll call this “Submission One” is Richard Atkinson, sometime cricket fanatic of Woodhouse CC and Meanwood fame and oft-time maternal grandfather of yours truly pictured here with my younger brother (middle) gazing adoringly into the old cricketers face, my two cousins left and right, and a large dog which in all probability was plastic, I date this at around 1959 for my brother is clearly very young in the photo and the folklore goes that he was not long out of the hospital in which he spent some considerable time in his first year, so there we all were, two families and one set of grandparents all on holiday at Cayton Bay, the grandfather taking his grandsons down to the beach to teach them all how to play cricket, the cricket bat is even visible in the push chair look, and our Alan is wearing a nice shirt and tie as befits the occasion.

But wait I hear you all cry, where is our author, where is the one who writes the blog for if this is his family then surely he should be in the family photo, why surely you ask, the grandfather would have wanted all four of his grandsons to be in the photo that would ultimately be a treasured possession in all our households ?

Here I am, probably on that very same day, for the age is just about spot on…


Thats me, front row, third from left, the kid in the dungarees standing on the steps of the very same Rendezvous Club that thirty years later was to star in the Golden Globe winning film “Little Voice”, there I am sucking my thumb looking slightly lost and wondering what the hell I’m doing here with a load of older kids having his photo taken just shortly before this whole pack of kids are taken down the cliff face and set loose on the beach for a Treasure Hunt, I can’t see any adults in charge can you, no of course not, this was 1959 don’t forget, if you lost a couple of kids to the incoming tide them that was fair enough.

Do I hear you cry “But where are your cousins?” and yes you’d be right to ask such a question and just to save you looking I’ll tell you, there are no other members of my family anywhere near that photo at all, they were all having their photo taken at the bloody plastic dog before going to play cricket on the beach while me, I, had been tricked into signing up for the Treasure Hunt ALL ON MY OWN, I was three years old at the time, the more I look at it I may even be crying in that photo, probably bubbling something like “But I wanted to play cricket with my grandad and have my photo taken with a plastic dog like the rest of the family did…”

I can take a hint though, I know I’m bloody rubbish at cricket but you might not have had to pick me in your team anyway…

Anyway, while I was sobbing my heart out on the beach hunting for treasure before the tide came in, this stuff was playing on the big old radios that we’d rent for our caravans for the week…

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