The Famous Family Foto…

Jerrychicken - The Diary

We start with what I consider to be the finest ever rendition of Roy Orbison’s “Its Over”, a quite remarkable rendering by sometime famous actor Michael Caine made all the more poignant to myself and some select others by the fact that this is recorded at the world famous, well, famous in North Yorkshire, well Scarborough at least, or maybe just Cayton Village, it was definitely famous in Cayton Village, definitely, the village famous Rendezvous Club at Wallis’s Holiday Camp, Cayton Bay.

The Golden Globe winning film “Little Voice” was filmed in Scarborough and at Wallis’s Cayton Bay when it was no longer Wallis’s Cayton Bay but instead was a Haven Holiday Resort and in their wisdom the new owners had closed said Rendezvous Club bringing despair to millions who had crossed its threshold clutching a weekly membership card in search of entertainment, not to mention those tens of thousands…

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