Stupifyingly handsome, well turned out, pleasant, conversationalist, compulsively listenable, a must have at dinner parties, life saving hero, millionaire philanthropist, explorer of dark continents, hero to the huddled masses, these and many other phrases have not yet been added to my epitaph, more is the shame.




10 thoughts on “About

  1. You make me laugh!
    Perhaps the finest “about” I’ve ever read. And I mean that!!
    Keep writing ok?! I always know that even on my very gray days, I can find my smile here!!

  2. Dear Jerry Chicken,

    I would like to use a hi-res copy of your painting:

    The Bield, 17th century Cumbrian farm in the English Lake District

    For my article on Lake District for a Russian-language Magazine. Is it possible?

    Another Jerry born 1956

  3. I’ve put a link to your very amusing blog on http://www.secretleeds.com so expect some traffic!

    I also have a question and some information which might be of interest about timeclocks and your family’s [former] business. Can’t find an email address on here?

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