Cheap Ham

Sometime around the mid 1990s I picked up a contract to set up a payroll system at a hotel, nothing particularly unusual about that other than the hotel was in Barbados and with a lack of any of the sort of remote control software that we use today there was nothing else for it but … Continue reading

Some of my most influential films were on 8mm

So its 1978 and I am resident in contractors digs in Jesmond, soon to move to Whitley Bay on a whim, I work as a bonus surveyor on building sites for a large electrical contractor in Newcastle, I’m in the post by complete accident and a fluke of nature, was given the job rather than … Continue reading


Not Influential Songs In A Lifetime Of Bliss – Disco Crap

There is a genre of music that makes my flesh crawl, induces a feeling of nausea and general ill-being, music which if played means that I have to leave the room before some idiot starts to dance, and its usually a woman who will start to dance and when more than two of them are … Continue reading

Influential Songs In A Lifetime Of Bliss – When Your Dad Won’t Stop Singing In Public.

My father did not need to be encouraged to sing in public, he did not need copious amounts, or indeed any amount of beer to get up and sing in public, although beer was often involved, if you were in charge of organising the entertainment in a pub, club or holiday camp then my dad … Continue reading

Two models pose on a fire escape overlooking San Francisco.July 22, 1974. Morgue01

1974 – What I got up to in my GAP year…

Yes, I had a Gap Year in 1974, not that it was known as a Gap Year in 1974 of course for there was no such thing in 1974. In 1974 you finished school when you were 16 and the next morning you went to work in the big wide world for the next 50 … Continue reading

Influential Tunes In A Lifetime Of Bliss – Boy From The Country

Before we start I have a shocking confession to make – I am a secret John Denver fan. There, its said and I realise that most of you will by now even before you have reached this second sentence will have clicked onto something more palatable on the interwebby thing for no-one likes to read … Continue reading

Influential Tunes In A Lifetime Of Bliss – Lovers Cross

1974, the teenage me is 18 years old, earning a living, driving an old car, out every night of every weekend and most nights through the week too, a large circle of friends and the assured confidence of youth that you’d find a group to drink and laugh with in whichever pub you walked into, … Continue reading

Question 1

Influential tunes in a lifetime of bliss – Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

Its May 1973 and at the half term break Class 5S are told to sling their collective hook and never again darken the doors of the Leeds Modern Grammar School, that is, until they are scheduled to come to the Great Hall for any of their several O Level exams and even on those days … Continue reading


Influential tunes in a lifetime of bliss – They’re Coming To Take Me Away Ha-Ha

Its September of 1966 and a night that still lays ingrained in memory and yet for which reason I still do not know why. We had moved from the back-to-back streets of Burley almost two years previously to the sparklingly new suburb that I still habit today but my cousins still lived there and for … Continue reading


Albums That Live In The Loft – White Ladder (1998)

Due to my own stupidity and lack of foresight, many years ago I sold a fine hi-fi system in favour of not having anything at all to play music on so convinced was I that in the brave new world of MP3 we would not require a stack of amplifiers and media playing technology we … Continue reading


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