Sunday Larf – Frankie Boyle

Frankie Boyle, funny bloke.
Well, that is, he’s funny if you’re not easily offended.
And if you are easily offended then why are you watching a comedian like Frankie Boyle ?
Do you enjoy being offended ?

A couple of years ago Frankie Boyle told a joke on Mock the Week that saw him leave the programme, whether he got asked to leave or whether he was leaving anyway is unknown, but 75 people complained about the joke and so he hasn’t been invited back on since.

MtW regularly attracts audiences of between 2.5 and 4 million viewers.
75 of them complained, he didn’t get invited back.
Thats democracy in action ?

I’ve just finished reading Frankie Boyle’s biography “My Shit Life So Far”, it starts very well, the first 100 pages had me laughing out loud, literally, which is inconvenient when you’re sat up in bed late at night and your wife is trying to sleep because she has work in the morning and she starts very early, the first 100 pages are very funny, if you find it in a library then ask the librarian if you can take it out into a corridor and read the first 100 pages, they won’t like your hysterical laughter if you read it inside the library, ask her if you can borrow it just for an hour.

After that it gets, well, strange.

Frankie Boyle is a self confessed drug user and it shows in his writing, his recent weird TV sketch series “Tramadol Nights” showed more than a passing influence to mind altering substances and so do the last 100 pages of his biography, random and sometimes confused thoughts thrown in mid-paragraph, strange ramblings, and a script from a surreal comedy that was rejected by BBC Scotland as “just too weird”, the book is hard to follow at this point and I gave up.




2 thoughts on “Sunday Larf – Frankie Boyle

  1. Strange but I never liked FB very much. Interesting to know he is drug user – talent and madness can be quite close sometimes

  2. Freely admits to regularly using “recreational” drugs, too freely to be honest, I wouldn’t have if I were him he must be a dead cert for police stops now, but also was a heavy drinker and worked within mental health services where again he admits the line between himself as a support worker or him as an inmate was very fine.

    I met Spike Milligan once – total lunatic.

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